Meet The Team!


Our locations in Central New York (Quadra Flex, Corp.), and Label Art of California in the San Francisco Bay Area have been manufacturing Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels and other forms of Custom Printing since 1963. Quadra Flex Corp., itself, was established as a corporation in the summer of 1994, and continued over the next two years as a sales office and print broker. After establishing a growing customer base, a 3-color press was acquired to begin production. During the following year and a half we targeted the four-color market as well as the market that we had the ability to produce. This wound up being a very successful plan. At the end of that time we acquired a Mark Andy 4120, 6 color printing press. This launched us into our prime label market. Opening doors to other markets.

The prime label market for us consists of wine labels, health and skin care product labels, and as a surprise to us, the car detailing industry.

All of the custom printing markets are very competitive and require a constant printing challenge in design and capability.

We will be focusing on these markets, as well as others, throughout the eastern and central US. Hiring new production and office personnel, we can cover new areas as well as keep up with current production needs. November 1st, 2001 we moved to a facility over 3 times the size we had previously occupied. This new facility has allowed us to expand our capabilities and grow with our customers ever expanding requirements.

Quadra Flex has in the past and will continue to push local business. However, we also understand that with the use of the Internet, the world is becoming a very “small” and accessible place. Our future will be to keep up with cutting edge technology to achieve ever-higher printing requirements while allowing our customers easier access to our services.

Quadra Flex Corp. is, as we like to think of it , an “Up and coming business!”. Started in conjunction with David and Elizabeth Masri of Label Art of California in 1994, we proceeded to look ahead at our own future. Bringing over 35 years of custom printing expertise, and a fresh outlook on business for the new Millennium, Quadra Flex Corp. knows that the sky is the only limit!!!! For now.

Meet the Team