Custom Decal Printing

If you’re looking for a high-quality custom decal printing solution, then Quadra Flex Quality Labels' custom decal printing may just be the answer to your problems.

Small-scale businesses, start-ups, large commercial enterprises, and multi-national companies in brewing, manufacturing, and distribution that need decals for their signage, branding, bottling, and packaging requirements rely on us to provide high-quality printing and excellent service.

We deliver to our local clients as well as out-of-state and internationally and take pride in meeting our valued client’s exacting quality and delivery requirements.

From coffee to wine, our labels are printed and packaged so that they’re ready for application during your final installation or packaging process.

Custom Made sticker.
All Quadra Flex products are custom made. Some designed in-house, others through our customers or their designers.

Custom-Printed Decals to Customize Your Business

The most important question we want to know is, what your label is being put on.

President and founder Chris Meddaugh

What your decal is going to be attached to is of vital importance. 

Everything flows from there, as it tells us what size your label will probably be, the specific materials that will be suitable, and how durable it needs to be. 

We can then discuss the laminates and varnishes that will ensure your decal comes out just the way you want it.

Bring us your designs and have our in-house design team draw up the finished product.

Custom Window Decals

We offer a range of options for custom window decals whether you're looking for:

  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Clear Decals
  • Opaque Decals
  • Perforated Decals
  • Frosted Decals

For an eye-catching and vibrant impression, our custom window decals are designed in any shape or size imaginable.

Our custom-printed decals are also available in whatever color palette you may desire. 

For dressing your windows, custom decal printing offers the perfect option for stunning advertising, branding, and business information.

Your decals are easy to install, using high-quality adhesive for great durability.

They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and should you need to change them, they’re easy to remove and replace. 

But, each decal is designed to give you many years of service.

Is a Decal and a Sticker the Same?

While the names may be used interchangeably, all decals are stickers, but not all stickers are decals.

Decals are usually decorative in nature and generally used outdoors. Stickers, on the other hand, are made with a paper backing and a printed image, come on sheets or rolls and are generally not suitable for outdoor use.

Decals come in 3 layers; a paper backing, the actual decal with the printed design, and paper on the front. They can usually be transferred between surfaces. 

Decals for cars are usually treated slightly differently to ensure that they are long-lasting and don’t damage the environment. These decals generally go through an eco-solvent or UV printing process. With eco-solvent printing, the ink is allowed to dry whereas the UV printing process utilizes a blast of UV light to set the ink.

Your custom bumper sticker can either be a solid, single color, or printed with images or patterns.

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