Product Label Graphic Design

Just as every book has a cover, so does every product have a label. With 30,000 new products hitting markets every year, your products need a label that literally drops jaws, knocks off socks, and compels your customers to reach out in an instant and grab your product. 

Compelling label designs are a combination of art and science, crafted by designers who have the talent and experience to create that one design that succeeds in making the buyer decide on your product. Quadra Flex has such designers. Study after study shows that a product must grab the buyer’s attention and interest in just three to five seconds, so the role of your label is momentous. Our designers create labels that can do that for you.

About Labels

So, what, exactly, is labeling all about? It’s about the market research and competitive benchmarking necessary to define an approach that combines a compelling design with crisp, clear writing that results in a product that outshines its competitors. 

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Following are the strategic components that make a label extraordinary.

Clear Message

Have you ever picked up a product with type so small you can’t read it? Or tried to understand a message that somehow doesn’t make sense? Back on the shelf that product goes.

A clear label means its message, instructions, and details are understandable in a concise way. Think of it like this: story – your label needs to tell a complete and compelling story in just three to five seconds, or the buyer will move on to a more interesting tale.

Some of the details to consider include the type and size of the font used on the label as well as a quick mention of the unique selling point of the product.


Which do you prefer: a label crammed full of text and graphics or one with ample white space that easily communicates the message and key points about the product? White space is one of a label’s greatest design elements as it lends legibility and clarity. The art of crafting a label comes from knowing how to position items to convey the essential information within the context of a stand-out graphic design.

Graphic Elements

The graphic design on your label is what will serve as the magnet that draws your customers’ eyes. A uniquely creative design, devoid of using stock or commonplace images, is what will distinguish your label from the rest. In addition, the graphics need to directly relate to the product premise as opposed to an image just for image’s sake.

Enter the Quadra Flex Design Pros

Perhaps you don’t have an in-house designer and you’re otherwise not sure what you want your labels to look like. No worries. We are staffed with in-house design and art professional specialists who can research your marketplace, study your product, and work together with you to find the perfect label solution. 

We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to your design table, as well as designers who are exceptionally talented in multiple disciplines. We have experience in many markets, but we also offer the capability to research every product in every market. Plus, we study all the current trends in labeling and package designs. 

When you work with Quadra Flex graphic designers, you’ll have a partner with you every inch of the way to design and develop the exact label products to make your products shine in today’s chaotic and crowded marketplace. 

Ours are the absolute highest quality custom printed labels and tags. And when we say custom, we mean custom! So go for a true win-win by combining our quality label products with our unique and on-target designs tailored just for you.

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