Why Choose Us

About Us

We have been making custom label products since 1994 in the rolling hills of our Central New York facility. Our stellar reputation includes outstanding and efficient customer service, superior products, attractive pricing, and worldwide service and delivery. When you work with us, pleasing you is our passion, so your job carries a 100% guarantee. 

The Benefits of Working with Us Far Exceed Any Other Option

Customer Service

No matter what your needs or requirements, you will be astounded by our friendly, professional, and outstanding customer service. In fact, no matter what the issue, our staff efficiently resolves it with confidence and aplomb. Not only that, but our customers also tell us that they feel like they are welcomed in as part of the Quadra Flex family

Superior Products

If it is variety you’re looking for, our menu of products offers you limitless, high-quality solutions we customize exactly to your specifications. Here are just a few of the products you can choose from. 

  • Blank to 8 Color Labels
  • 4-Color Process Labels
  • Digital Laser Labels
  • Foil Printing
  • Durable Labels
  • Die Cut Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Labels & Ribbons
  • Window Labels
  • Reverse Print on Clear Labels
  • Roll Labels
  • Short Run Labels
  • Long Run Labels
  • Consecutive Numbering
  • Hang Tags, Un-strung & Strung

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Choose Your Shape

Your unique shape choice? We’re on it. And if you’re not sure what’s the best option for your market and product, our professionals will step in to give you our expert advice.

Choose Your Size

Micro, medium, massive, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. 

Choose Your Materials

Every job we do is executed on our modern, impeccably maintained equipment. We use digital printing technology that expands product option choices to encompass any size and shape you want. We also give you a variety of material options, including the following: 

  • White and Clear BOPP
  • Silver and Gold BOPP
  • Removable BOPP
  • Permanent Vinyl
  • White and Clear BOPP
  • Silver and Gold BOPP
  • Removable BOPP
  • Permanent Vinyl

We are proud to say that all the materials and inks we use for our products are manufactured in the United States. In addition, wherever possible, we seek to engage local businesses to support our central state economy. 

Choose Your Quantity

No matter if it is a small job or one over 100,000 labels, rest assured it will be done competently and on time. Plus, we treat all customers and all jobs as if they were our own.

Attractive Pricing

Our family-run business, size, and location in bucolic New York enable us to pass competitive, attractive pricing options on to you. 

Worldwide Service and Delivery

No matter if you’re in the next town over, or the other side of the world, we promise you a quality product with exacting service. With customers all across the United States and the world, we’ll get your labels where they need to go, when they need to be there. 

Our Customers

Large corporate clients, small town businesses, all jobs are treated with the same dedication to quality and service. We are known for continually providing big corporate results with a small and personalized feel. In addition, clients tout our flexibility in order quantities as well as working to meet deadlines. 

Says one customer:

“Chris the owner is a great example of an independent business owner who sweats every detail that could impact quality. We have a lot of confidence in Quadra Flex because of Chris's approach towards running his business. Chris knows every aspect of his print process and equipment so there are never any unwanted surprises."

Please feel free to give us a call @ 800-835-7066 or send us an email at contact@quadraflex.com - you'll be glad you did!