Labels for Industrial Equipment

Quadra Flex Quality Labels is a leading supplier of custom industrial labels and stickers designed specifically for harsh industrial and commercial environments. Manufactured to adhere to electronics, machinery, warehouse bins, pallet racks, and so much more. Our printed labels and custom decals have a long and durable lifespan and are manufactured to adhere to electronics, machinery, warehouse bins, barrels, floors, storage racks, and corrugated surfaces, barrels, floors, storage racks, and corrugated surfaces, our printed labels have a long and durable lifespan. All Quadra Flex industrial labels are customized to suit your most exacting specifications and come with a range of features.

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Withstands Harsh Environments

Made with State-of-the-Art Materials

Uses for Custom Industrial Labels

     -  Chemical and solvent resistant
     -  Extreme temperature resistance
     -  Abrasion and tear-proof materials
        and coatings
     -  Color clarity and image accuracy
     -  High-strength bonding
     -  Unlimited die cuts

     >  Polyester
         -  White Polyester
         -  Chrome Polyester
         -  Clear Polyester
     >  Vinyl
     >  Drum Vinyl
     >  Tag Stock
     >  Holographic Foils
     >  UV Resistant Overlam

     *  Warning Labels
     *  Tamper Resistant Labels
     *  Electronic and Circuit Board Labels
     *  Drum and Hazard Labels
     *  Self-Laminating Labels
     *  Warehouse Bin, Rack, and Storage Labels
     *  Machinery and Factory Labels
     *  Pallet, Carton, and Shipping labels
     *  Security, Property, and Asset Tags
     *  Construction Tool and Equipment Labels
     *  Cable and Wire Labels

Our team at Quadra Flex knows that custom industrial labels and decals are critical to inventory,
security tracking, data and asset management, and consumer awareness.
Combine that knowledge with our stellar customer service and satisfaction guarantee and you have a winning combination.

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Agricultural Chemicals
Safety Labels
Business Cards
Inspection Labels
Industrial Chemicals
Instruction Labels
ID Tags
QR & Barcodes
Paints & Stains
Compliance Labels
Instructional Tags

Here's what some of our customers are saying...

"The easiest decision I've ever made for the association was partnering with Quadra Flex. Chris and his team have not only enhanced our products, they have continually provided big corporate results with a small and personalized feel."

R.W. (Bob) O'Gorman |
President / CEO
Automotive Lift Institute

"Friendly attentive service, high-quality product, and reasonable pricing. Never had one complaint with Quadra Flex in years of business. They continue to exceed all expectations. Very grateful to have them as a manufacturer. Thank you!"

Jay Thiele |
Sales Administrator
Quality Dairy Farms, Inc.
DBA Mercer's Dairy

"Chris is local to me, and his turnaround and quality for printing digital labels were outstanding - highly recommended."

"I've worked with Quadra Flex for many years and truly appreciate their expertise and willingness to go above and beyond to help their customers."

"Chris and the crew at Quadraflex always come through for me and my customers! Great people"

Barney Schug |
Automotive Lift Institute

"Keep your business local. Get great labels from a company right here in CNY. "

Wayne Schutt II |
Crown Construction

"Great company to work with."

Mike Poli |
Redding Reloading Equipment

"Quadra Flex is an innovative company always looking for something new to benefit their customers."

Doug Weiss |
Designer & Innovator
Fathom Optics

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