Custom Coffee Labels

High-quality custom coffee labels will help your coffee brand to stand out on the shelf.

With many years of experience designing and printing labels, Quadra Flex Quality Labels' custom label and decal printing is perfectly positioned to provide you with the best solution for your coffee brand.

Whether you are a small-scale business, a large commercial enterprise, or a start-up, we have the expertise to provide for all your printing requirements, whether for signage, branding, or packaging. 

Local and multi-national companies in brewing, manufacturing, and distributors trust us to give them high-quality printing and excellent service.

We can personally deliver locally and ship across North America, as well as, internationally. We take great pride in meeting the needs of our valued client’s exacting quality and delivery requirements.

If you are looking for a couple of hundred labels or need 100,000, we’ve got your back. Our advanced equipment and highly qualified staff are ready to supply labels that are printed and packaged, ready for application during your packaging process.

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What Can We Print On?

We have the capacity to offer a variety of labels, from blank to eight-color labels, digital laser labels, and even four-color process labels.

Our team has experience of producing many other label types, being experts in foil printing, thermal-transfer labels, die-cut labels, and even limited-run consecutive numbered labels. 

You also have the option of choosing a variety of options including:

  • Short and Long Run Labels
  • Reverse Print on Clear Labels
  • Specialized Durable Labels
  • Roll Labels

The Materials We Use

We print on a variety of materials, from standard paper and BOPP to vinyl.

Depending on your brand and the effect you wish to create, we can brainstorm exactly how we can make it work for you.

The Impact of Custom Coffee Labels

While many coffee lovers have a good understanding of what constitutes great coffee, most are not familiar with what makes a good coffee. 

To get the best results and greatest shelf appeal, your coffee label needs to be both attractive and informative.

Coffee tastes vary and your customers need to be able to quickly find the coffee that suits them.

That’s why you, as a purveyor of fine coffee, need to label your packaging to reflect both your distinctive style as well as the attributes of each of your blends. As coffee roasters or coffee shop owners, your coffee needs the perfect distinctive label.

As experts at producing custom coffee labels, we can help guide you through the process of creating eye-catching and informative labels. 

Much thought and research is required to achieve your branding and company identity in a way that helps your customer select the coffee that they will enjoy.

What Should Your Custom Coffee Labels Include?

To meet the strict regulations governing food and beverage labels, you’ll need to provide a lot of information in a succinct and informative manner.

If you supply 100% coffee, then luckily for you, many of the complicated nutritional requirements do not apply. 

However, if you supply coffee that includes other ingredients, then a laboratory-calculated list of ingredients must be added to remain within the letter of the law.

For all coffee sold in the USA, labels must include the following information:

  • The Brand and Product Name
  • The Contents' Net Weight
  • Your Full Name & Business Location
  • A Breakdown of All Ingredients
  • A Barcode (these you can purchase separately for each product)

Should your coffee be organic, you can include that as part of your product claims.

All statements on the label must be true and verifiable. It is not permissible to make claims that cannot be proven.

You can include the icons or logos of trade organizations to which you belong or that reference specific qualities such as fair-trade, single-origin or varietal.

By adding descriptive statements such as medium roast, dark roast, and descriptions of aroma, texture, and flavor, you can ensure that your label packs the most marketing punch.

Labels that attempt to mislead consumers or confuse them can attract fines and sanctions from the authorities, so it is best to make sure the information is accurate and correct.

Differentiate Your Coffee with Custom Coffee Labels

We offer a range of custom color label options. Our highly experienced staff can offer you advice and assistance to ensure that your labels are printed on the appropriate material quickly and within your budget.

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